A new classification and guide for surgical treatment of spinal tuberculosis.

A new classification and guide for surgical treatment of spinal tuberculosis.

Oguz E, Sehirlioglu A, Altinmakas M, Ozturk C, Komurcu M, Solakoglu C, Vaccaro AR.

Int Orthop. 2008 Feb;32(1):127-33. Epub 2007 Jan 6.


So far, there is no widely accepted classification system based on objective findings that can serve as a guide in selecting the treatment method for spinal tuberculosis. This retrospective study evaluates patients with spinal tuberculosis (Pott’s disease) treated with different surgical procedures. Our aim was to outline a new classification of spinal tuberculosis. A retrospective review of 76 cases (55 male and 25 female patients) of spinal tuberculosis was conducted. Five of the patients were treated medically, and the others who were treated surgically were classified into three types (I, II and III) according to the new classification system for spinal tuberculosis. All 76 patients were classifiable by this new system. The most common complication observed was local kyphosis (maximum 8 degrees) in type-II patients, but none of the patients needed correction. No neurological deterioration was observed in any of the cases. This new classification system helps in differentiating the various manifestations of spinal tuberculosis and appears to correlate with the surgical treatment of spinal tuberculosis. We believe that this new classification system can be used as a practical guide in the treatment of Pott’s disease.

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